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The Online Application Process

Q. How long does it take to complete the online application process? Typically, the application process should take roughly 10 minutes if all documents are gathered ahead of time. For a list of required documents, please visit https://www.discoveryhsf.org/page/admissions.

Q. What if I do not have access to a computer? The application is mobile-friendly and can be submitted with a mobile device with internet access. Please contact the admissions office for assistance at 504-233-4720, Option 1, or via email at admissions@discoveryhsf.org

Q. Is there another way of submitting an application other than online? No, the online application system is the only method to submit an application as it provides parents/guardians with up-to-date information. If you are having trouble submitting the application or do not have access to a computer, or the Internet, please contact the admissions office to set up an appointment. An admissions team member will be available to assist you with submitting an application. To set up an appointment, please call 504-233-4720, Option 1.

Q. Once I've submitted the application electronically, how will I know that the submission is successful? Once the application is completed online, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you provide on the application (s). Please be sure you check for the confirmation email to ensure you have successfully submitted an application. Don't forget to check your SPAM folder just in case. If your application is missing any required documentation you will be notified by email with a request to provide the additional information.

IMPORTANT: If you are applying for more than one student, you must submit an application for each student separately.

Q. Should I allow anyone else to use my account? It is the user's responsibility to protect the integrity of any information entered into the system. This includes but is not limited to passwords or personal information about you or your child. You must also agree not to share your login information or password with anyone except a parent or legal guardian.

Q. My account has been disabled because I've attempted to log in too many times. Should I set up another account? No, contact the admissions office for an administrator to assist you. If you previously created an account the student(s) may already be connected to this account. Please call 504-233-4720, Option 1, or via email at admissions@discoveryhsf.org for assistance.

Q. I submitted an application for a student in the past, should I re-create a parent login account? No, you do not want to re-create multiple parent login accounts as this will create errors. Once you create a parent login account for the first time, you will continue to use the same email address and password previously created. If your email address has changed, please reach out to the admissions office to have your parent account updated. If you have submitted or started an application in the past then those student(s) are already linked to the parent account previously created. Please call 504-233-4720, Option 1, or via email at admissions@discoveryhsf.org for assistance.

Q. Why do I get a message when attempting to submit an application that the student already appears to be in the system but I have not submitted an application yet? This message will appear when a student is already connected to a parent account. If you created a parent login in the past you want to log in using the same email address and password you previously used when the account was created. If you have forgotten your email address or password, please select “Forgot your email?” and/or “Forgot your password?” on the parent login page.

If you no longer have access to the email address previously used please contact the admissions office via email at admissions@discoveryhsf.org or call 504-233-4720, Option 1 for assistance.

Selection Process

Q. Are students selected based on a first-come, first-serve process? No, all eligible applications submitted by the application deadline will be entered into the lottery. Students are selected based on pre-defined, Board-approved preferences (if applicable) such as staff and sibling preferences. To view specific preferences for each school, please visit the specific school page at https://www.discoveryhsf.org/page/admissions.

Q. How is the lottery conducted? The lottery is conducted when the number of applicants exceeds the number of seats available for any grade level. A computer-generated, random lottery is run in order to determine who is offered a seat at the school in accordance with pre-approved guidelines. The online system generates the list of applicants that are to be awarded seats and an ordered wait list. Applicants applying to grades with zero open seats will be entered into the lottery to determine the number on the waitlist.

Q. When will parents be notified if they are selected to participate in a program? Families will receive instructions on how to view the lottery a day before it takes place. Attendance is NOT required. Parents/Guardians are typically notified via email of the lottery results by the end of the day the lottery is conducted. All lottery results will be emailed to families no later than 72 hours after the lottery is conducted. Families can log back in any time after the lottery results are posted to view their child's offer and/or waitlist number.

Q. What if my child is not selected for the initial lottery process? Students who do not receive a seat in the lottery are placed on the waiting list for the school year applied for. The wait lists remain active for the school year applied until September 29 for grades 9-12th and until January 31 for grades PK-8th.

Q. If I applied for my child but my child did not get awarded a seat, do I need to re-apply every school year? The application you submit is for a specific school year only, therefore previous submitted applications and waitlists are not considered. Applications and waitlists do NOT roll over for the following school year. Families interested in future school years must submit a new application during the new application period for the following school year.

Core Values

Core values are the HEART of our school culture. Our core values; Honor, Endurance, Achievement, Responsibility, Tolerance (HEART) are the pulse that reinforces positive student behavior. Discovery Schools incorporate social skills and character development into the daily academic curriculum. School culture is shaped by a character skills program, positive behavior techniques, restorative justice, and conflict resolution skills.